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1) Political party affiliation.
In this multi-paragraph section, you will identify with the political party that closely resembles to you (DEMOCRATS). You also will summarize 3-4 key issues from the web site www.democrats.org ONLY (one paragraph or more for each issue) and explain why you agree with these viewpoints. Each issue you address should include a direct quote from the website for your particular party. The quotes from your paper shall include content only from the website of the party with which you affiliate and your own thoughts. No additional sources should be referenced. This section should measure approximately 2-3 pages.
2) Your political future.
In this section, which may span more than one paragraph, you will explain what you intend to do with this new-found understanding. Whether you choose to run for a seat in student government, seek political office or other form of public service when you leave college, join a public advocacy group, volunteer for a political campaign or simply register to vote, education should never be in vain and your education about politics is no different. This section should measure roughly ยฝ -to-full page.

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