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Please use the tutorial you completed last week on the pharmaceutical companies that benefit from selling osteoporosis drugs to people who are trying to build healthy bones, in spite of the side effects of those who take them. The business problem is the pharmaceutical companies who keep pushing these bone building drugs that harm people.
Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 2
Build on the business problem identified in Preparing to Conduct
Business Research: Part 1.
Write a 600 word paper that addresses the following
• What are the key business objectives?
• What are the questions that must be researched?
• What are the hypotheses and variables that must be considered?
• What ethical considerations must you take into account?
• Define the purpose of the research.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Below is what you need to build on for this paper.
The crux of the issue is the categorization of the condition of osteoporosis, which has traditionally been regarded as a disease, and tried to be addressed using the conventional methodology of medicine prescription. However, futility in these treatments, and a final scientific acknowledgment of alternate, exercise based osteogenic loading programs bodes new challenges for prescription companies.
Issue Facing the Organization
The issue facing pharmaceutical companies that manufacture osteoporosis medicines is twofold. On the one hand, the string of products that they have been coming up with so far as a response to osteoporosis, which they hail as a disease, have been shown to be ineffective. That is, these medicines that are prescribed in response to the condition of osteoporosis simply work to prevent future loss of bone structure. However, the emerging scientific consensus is that if the board is not allowed to lose decadence, it is likely to only become bigger and more brittle – prone to fractures.
The second issue facing pharmaceutical companies is that, for the first time, professional scientific opinion has acknowledged alternate remedies to address the situation of osteoporosis. Accordingly, this condition is being relegated and differentiated from a typical condition of disease. Scientific consensus is acknowledging the role of osteogenic loading in helping stimulate bone growth development. In other words, plain old exercise is being promoted in favor of the erstwhile prescriptions, which was the best that the doctor could do. Aggravating the problem are entities like “Save Are Bones”, who had started the discussion and provided these recommendations nearly seven years ago (Goldschmidt, 2015). Therefore, a significant proportion of people who are subject to this condition are going to carefully evaluate their options. In a nutshell, pharmaceutical companies stand to lose significant amounts of business in terms of dollars if people are going to prescribe to osteogenic loading programs, which will help them load their bodies along the longitudinal axis to spur bone growth.
Goldschmidt, V. (2015). Revolutionary! World Congress On Osteoporosis Recommends First Non-Pharmaceutical Bone-Health Protocol. SaveOurBones. Retrieved from https://saveourbones.com/world-congress-on-osteoporosis-recommends-first-non-pharmaceutical-bone-health-protocol/

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