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Please provide 3 pages double spaced for the following question on a word document. Use quotation marks and citations for quotes,as well as Times New Roman 12 point font. APA style 6th edition.
Question: You have just been hired as the emergency manager for a medium-sized town in the Midwest. Your first day in the position, your deputy tells you that your predecessor had commissioned a vulnerability assessment from an outside consultant to review the energy infrastructure in the town. Like most towns, this one has an electric power plant and a natural gas works. It also, however, has a large oil refinery. -The consultant is expensive and the town doesn’t have a great deal of money. -You need to give the consultant some direction on the types of vulnerabilities he is likely to encounter. -What are they? Rank them all in order of possible danger to the public. -Make certain that you distinguish between threats and vulnerabilities.

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