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Please create “Request for Proposal” with 3-pages
The following items must be included in the proposal:

  • Introduction to the company (real or made up for the purpose of this assignment)
  • The company’s business goals
  • Project goals
  • Schedule to complete the project
  • Budget for the project
  • Description of the Microsoft Office training
  • Desired qualifications
  • Requirements for submitting proposals
  • Reference requirements
  • Contact information
  • Deadline for proposal submission
  • Selection criteria

  • 3-5 pages in length, no title page
  • Formatting and design is consistent and professional
  • Information is well written and clear

  • Uses 1-inch margins and consistent format
  • Breaks sections into units with headings
  • Single-spaced between sentences
  • Observes all rules of grammar, writing and syntax (…subject/verb agreement, parallel structure …)
  • Spells all words correctly
  • Uses definitive wording and active voice
  • Employs respectful, business-like tone and avoids commonplace expressions
  • Define acronyms
  • No fragments

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