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Pick two intercollegiate jobs.
For each job you choose, find a professional on the Internet that holds the job (the professionals must be from two different schools).
For example, if you find a ticket manager from GCU, you need a different job, say facilities director, from the University of Illinois.
Address the following in a 500-750 word essay.
1. Who are they, and who do they work for?
2. What exactly are their titles?
3. What division is the school?
4. What is the salary of the position? (You will probably have to do a general search.)
5. What kind of degree is required for this job, and in what subject(s)? You will probably have to look at some job descriptions or ads for a similar job.
6. What do you think are two current issues (per person) this type of job must face in intercollegiate athletics? Explain why they are issues.
7. Provide a link to each person’s job/school website.

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