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Persuasive Speech
Now, you get to take everything you have worked on far and apply it to this particular speech!  This is your opportunity to take a stance on a topic of interest and support your viewpoint. This final presentation represents the culmination of so many smaller assignments.  Consider:

  • The topic itself. What is the issues, who are the stakeholders, and why is this important to you? And… why should it be important to us?
  • Your topical outline. What do you plan to tell us? What evidence do you plan to share, to convince us that your side is right in this debate?
  • What did you learn from the devil’s advocate? How can you use their own propaganda against them – so that your argument is even stronger?
  • What tips will you use to make a ‘great’ persuasive speech? How can you use visual aids?
  • And finally, what will you ask the audience to do, once you’ve persuaded them that your viewpoint is the most logical/sensible? Will your concluding thoughts resonate with them?

Here are a few parameters for the final:

  1. This speech should be 8-10 minutes in length.
  2. Establish credibility and use a minimum of 4 sources (cited within your speech).

o                      Use visuals where you can!
o                      Show enthusiasm!
o                      Remember the three-part system (Intro, Body, Conclusion). Present facts that convince.
o                      Have fun with this one!

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