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Stress can be beneficial if in the right amounts and under the right circumstances. Being a
police officer however, comes with a level of risk that affects every aspect of your life and
extends beyond the organizational and external to personal and internal realms. Stress is
common bond between police officers. Each can relate to how a fellow officer feels in almost
any given situation. Brothers and sisters who wear the uniform will normally do whatever it
takes to be there for another officer in their time of need.
Police officers rarely take off their badge and leave their jobs at the office. The promise
to protect and serve is one that rises above whether they are on the clock or not. External factors
serve to increase an officer’s stress level. The stress of going from a laid-back atmosphere to one
of highly charged excitement can be draining. (1) Organizational factors such as upholding the
laws of their jurisdiction as well as protecting individuals who live in the area can cause stress,
especially when their actions are brought into question by someone who is unhappy with the way
they do their job.
Police officers can be unpopular. The stress they feel as a result of doing their job can be
overwhelming, especially when that job leads to threats against family members or friends. The
events of the day may be stuck in the officer’s head as he continues to re-live them in his mind.
Likewise, there are also high levels of stress in making sure they remain within the laws when
performing their jobs. They are held to a high level of perfection and little tolerance can be found
for mistakes. Law enforcement agencies normally have a counselor or other professional an
officer can talk to when trying to cope with the massive amount of stress an officer can have
from just doing his or her duty (Kitaeff,2011) .

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