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-Did the introduction lead into the presentation well? Was it organized and brief? Friendly, enthusiastic, and attention-getting? Professional?
Idea Presentation
-Was the idea for the project made clear during the presentation? Could the audience “get it” from the presentation alone? Did you understand the mission of the company?
Industry Analysis
-Was the industry analysis complete? Does this industry seem appealing for an investor?
Operations and Management
-Did the team clearly explain their day-to-day operations? Were equipment, facility, human resource, and technology considerations clearly presented (when applicable)?
-Clear articulation of product and service attributes, and point of distinction from competitors. Explanation of target market and use of appropriate promotion channels. A SWOT analysis was presented and explained.
Financial/Exit Strategy
-Was this tailored to the right audience (bank, private equity investors)? Was the exit strategy reasonable and realistic? Did the team understand how to value its business, and did that make sense?

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