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Teaching students to be good listeners and effective public speakers.

  1. Observe your students for one day and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their listening and speaking skills that are necessary in your classroom based on Brown’s Micro skills listed in this week’s reading. If you don’t have a classroom, find whatever situation of kids learning that you can observe. It can be any students.

Use the lists of microskills listed in the Resource Area. (Tell us the grade level and content you teach, or the ages of the subjects you observed)

  1. Of the listening microskills that are necessary for your students, which are you not currently addressing? Develop a mini-lesson in which you explicitly teach a listening microskill that allows students to both practice and demonstrate their listening skills. Include in your mini-lesson plan the following information:

o Listening microskill being taught
o Materials needed
o Outline sequence of activities …include at least one scaffolding activity and identify as such.
(If you are unsure of what is meant by a scaffolding activity, see list of scaffolding ideas used to connect lesson materials to something students understand, and provides whole group practice before individual practice).
o Assessment strategies to determine that students learned the focus skill.
( See Assessment Ideas and Techniques in this week’s reading)
Level: College
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