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Fitness and nutrition are key factors in an individual’s overall health. A certain level of
fitness and specific nutrition habits should be maintained, in order to remain healthy. Ideally I
would like my fitness level to be forty-five minutes daily of alternating cardio and weight
training. However, due to my current demanding schedule I find it difficult to maintain such a
fitness level. Instead, rather, I find myself doing thirty minutes of cardio three days a week, five
if time allows. Likewise, my nutrition habits also leave much to be desired. While, I believe the
benefits of eating well-balanced diet are important, I again find it difficult to maintain such
habits. I often find myself skipping breakfast, substituting lunch for a candy bar or bag of chips,
and splurging on dinner. Not only are my dinners larger, while the remaining meals of the day
minimal, dinner usually fails to meet high nutritional standards. In other words, I frequently eat
out and consume meals high in calories, which will not be entirely consumed since my day is
almost over.
My current fitness and nutrition habits definitely need to be improved. This is especially
important, as these current habits could easily lead to health complications, such as the
development of obesity. While obesity is a health issue in and of itself, many health risks
associated are also with the disease. Some of these health risks include an increased risk for
cancer, liver and gallbladder disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides. Obesity
can also lead to high blood pressure, strokes, sleep apnea, other respiratory problems, and
coronary artery disease. Also, obesity can lead to osteoarthritis and gynecological problems as
well (“The health,” 2011). All of these are medical conditions that can have a devastating effect
upon an individual’s body and contribute to deteriorating overall health.
The good news is, however, that obesity is preventable. Additionally, once an individual
is diagnosed with diabetes, their prognosis can improve and obesity can be overcome. This is
only possible by changing fitness and nutrition habits. Using my own fitness and nutrition habits
as an example, many changes could be made that will help prevent me from becoming obese.
Focusing upon my fitness habits, there are changes I could make to lead to the
improvement of my health. In general, my total level of fitness needs to be increased. This can
be done, apart from setting aside a specific time to complete a cardio or weight training routine
in many ways. One fitness habit to increase my fitness level would be to park far away from the
door, increasing the distance I walk. Another fitness habit would be to take the stairs rather than
the elevator whenever possible. Finally, a third habit would be to take a five-minute walk after
dinner. All of these habits would work to increase the amount of physical activity I have in a
day. Increasing my physical activity will increase the number of calories burned, thus helping to
prevent obesity.
Other habits must also be implemented in terms of nutrition, if obesity is to be prevented,
and my overall health to be improved. Just as there are many habits that can be implemented to
improve my fitness habits, so too can habits be implemented regarding my nutrition. One habit
to implement would be to always eat breakfast. This is important as it helps boost metabolism
for the day, which in turn can result in more burned calories. Another habit would be to always
pack a lunch, so I do not turn to a candy bar or bag of chips for lunch. Meanwhile, a third habit
would be to spend Sunday’s preparing meals for the week and freezing them. This would allow
me to easily fix healthy meals during the week, thus reducing the number of high calorie meals I
eat outside. The same would also be true if I prepared a menu for the week, even if I do not have
time to do all of the cooking on Sunday. By making healthier eating choices, I am able to reduce
the number of calories being consumed. Because fat is often the result of unused calories, it is
important to not over consume calories (Legere, 2004). By choosing low calorie snacks, and
preparing healthy meals early, I would be able to save myself time in the future, as well as the
money I would have spent on eating a high calorie meal outside.
All of these new habits would work to promote healthy-weight management. With
currently being considered overweight, implementing these new habits would enable me to lose
the extra weight. Likewise, once I lose the extra weight I will be able to maintain my healthy
weight. All of this, in turn, will help prevent obesity and the health risks and complications that
come along with it. Increasing my physical activity by parking further away, taking the stairs,
and taking a five-minute walk after dinner contribute to healthy-weight management because
they all contribute to burning extra calories. Meanwhile, many of the nutrition habits focus upon
calorie intake. By packing a lunch filled with healthy foods and by preparing healthy meals for
dinner (whether through menu planning or preparing food early), foods with more nutritional
value will be consumed. This means the calories that are consumed will be helpful for my body.
Additionally, fewer calories will be consumed, meaning fewer excessive calories to burn off.
This balance contributes to healthy-weight management as any excess weight will be burnt off,
and a healthy weight will be maintained.
Maintaining a healthy weight, increasing my level of physical activity, and improving my
nutrition will all work towards benefiting my health in general. This is because many health
issues I may be faced with could be the direct result of being overweight, obese, or even poor
fitness or nutrition habits. By making a conscious effort to improve these habits and to
implement habits that are better for me, my health will improve. Even if my health does not
improve exponentially, I will be able to maintain my current health, which will still be beneficial
to my health in general as my efforts are preventing my health condition from worsening.
Therefore, regardless of how small the implementation of a new habit is, it is liable to make big
differences in improving your health.

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