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NEXTGEN ATC is the latest attempt to completely overhaul the aviation industry and
the way it manages flights, commerce and productivity. NEXTGEN uses the newest, most
innovative technology available to help bring every aspect of the industry in line with the rest of
the world. Focus is placed on the most efficient use of resources, eliminating waste in terms of
money, time and the environment.
NEXTGEN has redesigned the air traffic control system used to monitor and direct
flights and maximize the resources available at each airport and terminal. They are recreating
flight patterns and scheduling protocols so that less time is wasted while traveling. Making sure
the right person has the right information at the right time will not only decrease the amount of
resources wasted it will also reduce the risk of accidents (Kaye, 2011).
NEXTGEN systems are also putting measures in place to reduce the effect of the aviation
industry on the environment. Maintenance protocols and products used in the repair and
management of the planes themselves are becoming more environmentally friendly reducing the
industry’s carbon footprint on the world around us.
NEXTGEN also has protocols in place to help manage the industry’s impact on both
domestic and global economies. The system is designed to evolve as the industry continues to
grow and change. The evolution will allow for growth and expansion in both the industry as well
as the financial markets it affects. As productivity and efficiency increases, the resulting growth
will result in a more sound and prosperous economy (โ€œWhy NextGen,โ€ 2011).
The newly developed NEXTGEN ATC system was designed to correct shortcomings in
the existing set up and to enhance procedures in an attempt to increase efficiency and
productivity. The impact of the industry on financial markets as well as an increase in safety
measures are two of the benefits NEXTGEN’s developers are counting on.

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