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Advantages of the Natural Law Point of View
1. These advantages foremost include the fact that the natural law point of view will find
immediate traction within the society of today – more so than at any other time in history
(Albl, 2009).
2. The system is applicably universally.
3. Moral rules are based on the analysis of human nature.
4. Can serve as a standard to judge positive law.
Disadvantages of Natural Law
1. Reason is required to analyze human nature – therefore, reason becomes a binding
as well. Morality is always then a subset of the reasoning prowess.
2. Absolute morality is thwarted.
2. I believe the world has transitioned to functioning more according to the natural law
point of view. This is because, globalization and the advent of the information age
has caused more and more of our beliefs to amalgamate. At the same time, there has
been a generally greater reliance on the faculty of reasoning. Traditions have taken a
backseat. More people today are willing to use the natural law to reason out a code of
righteousness than simply pardon away moral relativism.

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