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Must be 3 pages in length and utilize APA formatting and citations, including separate title and reference pages.   In addition to the required readings, use at least two scholarly sources, one of which can be found in the AShford online library to support your point.   Write a paper in which you evaluate a selected major ethnic group in the United States.   Please elaborate on the following points in your essay:

  1. Select and describe one of the following ethnic groups”

Indigenous Americans
I have chosen Indigenous Americans.

  1. Examine the history of this group in the United States, including the following.

Contact with other ethnic groups
Assimilation or pluralism, and its connection to the group’s contact with other ethnic groups.
Conflict with other ethnic groups.

  1. Provide an example of a widely held myth or misconception about this ethnic group.   How do we know this is a myth? Why is this myth so difficult to


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