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Memory Systems Exam
Develop a 10-question exam regarding the memory systems, including encoding and retrieval.
Include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and true-or-false questions.
Provide an answer key for each of your questions.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Section 1 – Fill in the blanks

  • A __________ for information is formed when that particular information has been encoded in any way.
  • When encoded information is maintained or kept in the memory over a certain period of time ­­­­___________ of that information occurs.
  • According to Endel Tulving, “key process in memory is ­­­­________.”

Section 2 – State whether the following statements are True or False

  • Accessible information represents the entire available information stored in our brain.
  • Priming is the process by which when a related word is recalled, recalling another particular related word becomes easier.
  • Phonemic encoding is associated with the translation of visual input received from written words into sounds.

Section 3 – Multiple Choice Questions (Select one correct answer)

  • Another term given by psychologists to the short-term memory is
    1. Working memory
    2. Amnesia
  • Association memory
  • Which of the following can be used to aid learning/memory
    1. Meaningful cues
    2. Mnemonic devices
    3. Both
  • The general principal underlying effectiveness of cues for retrieval is called
    • Cue overload principle
    • Encoding specificity principle
  1. None of the above

Section 4 – Short answer

  • What are the three stages of the process of learning or memory? Briefly explain each.


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