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For this assignment, you will serve as a member of a consulting team with McClean and Company, a global marketing consulting firm. Please see “McClean and Company.”
The course instructor, who will be serving as president of the company, will divide the class into teams of three or four students. Upon review of the above resource, each team member will decide which role on the team they will be most capable of performing.
Each team will identify a specific brand within a product category with which its members are familiar. The brand’s performance will be researched and documented, and then analyzed using the guidelines specified. The brand selected should not be a market leader since the project is intended to expose deficiencies and shortcomings in the marketing of the product using a consumer behavior framework.
The project will be divided into four parts to be included in the Final Report:
1. Brand Selection, 2. Brand Description, 3. Brand Critique, 4. Recommendation(s)
Each part will be submitted in subsequent modules to receive instructor (president) feedback before the submittal of the Final Report in Module 7.
Please refer to the Consulting Project Grading Guide for specific information regarding how this project will be graded.
The first part, the Brand Selection, is due by the end of Module 1. The brand selected should be very specific. For example, Kraft Foods is too general; Kraft Mayonnaise might be an appropriate selection (if it is determined not to be a market leader). Chevrolet is too general; the Chevrolet Volt would be appropriate, again, if it is not a market leader.
Before selecting and submitting the brand for approval, be sure that there is adequate information available on competition and markets. For example, a local brand may not have readily accessible information or sufficient information to satisfy the requirements of this assignment.
Part two: Community Consulting Project: Brand Description
For this part of the assignment, your team is to conduct a sufficient amount of research to provide the brand description (750-1,000 words). The brand description should address the following:
1. When was the brand first introduced to the market?
2. Identify the brand’s competition.
3. Specify the market segmentation involved.
4. What benefits does the brand provide? What wants or needs does the brand fulfill?
5. What marketing tactics does the brand employ (product features, distribution, pricing, and promotion) and how do these influence consumer behavior features (motivation, perception, attitude, etc.)?
6. How do these compare to competitors (i.e., what are the points of difference and/or points of parity)?
For the final part of the assignment, you are to recommend a course of action by choosing the most appropriate alternative action to current shortcomings/deficiencies identified in the brand critique.
The survey results should ideally be used to support the final recommendation and the rationale for the final recommendation must be clearly articulated and supported with ample evidence gathered throughout the report development.
Your job as a consulting team is to provide specific steps the company must take to overcome challenges and accomplish success with this specific brand.
This part of the assignment should be approximately 750-1,000 words.

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