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60 marks total; 20% of your final course grade.
You are to continue your case analysis of the same company you chose in Assignment 1.  Focus on one product produced by your company and use correct terminology and definitions from your textbook.
Case Study Approach: What to Include in Your Assignment
(Note: Marketing concepts you are expected to know are stated in italics)

  1. Introduction: Describe your company and explain what the report is about. (2 marks)
  2. Product Strategy: Describe the classification category of your product and the stage it is in of the product life cycle. (12 marks)
  3. Pricing Strategy: Describe the pricing strategy you feel your company is using to price its product being analyzed. (12 marks)
  4. Distribution (Place) Strategy: Describe the distribution strategy of your company used to distribute the product in terms of direct and/or indirect. (6 marks)
  5. Promotion Strategy: Describe the different forms of promotional strategies used to promote the benefits of your product. (12 marks)
  6. Conclusion: Highlight the most important observations from each section. (4 marks)

Appearance of the Submission (10 marks)
Marks will be deducted for spelling, punctuation, grammatical, structural, or any other formatting errors.
Research Validity
Complete citation methodology is required using either APA or MLA guidelines.
This assignment is intended for individual student projects.  As such a rough guideline for length would be 4 pages excluding title page, table of contents and work cited page.

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