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Maria Ruiz is a 72 year old Mexican American female living in a Small Southwestern community.  Ms. Ruiz and her partner recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.  While Ms. Ruiz’s partner is employed full time, Ms. Ruiz is retired.  Ms. Ruiz worked as a nurse for over 30 years, receive a monthly pension in addition to the modest amount of money she set aside in her 401 K account.  Ms. Ruiz is growing increasingly dependent upon her partner for transportation to appointments, Shopping, & managing finances.  Ms. Ruiz is aware that she is becoming more forgetful and sometimes has trouble finding the right words to say.  Ms. Ruiz and her partner are concerned that they will not be able to find an assisted living community that will be supportive of their relationship and allow them to see one another.
Answer the following questions:
1).  How does race/ethnicity and gender affect the socioeconomic status of the person in your scenario?
2).  What are cultural beliefs/practices that relates to aging?  How might they affect the person in your scenario?
3). How does socioeconomic status influence health behaviors and decisions relates to health care for the person in your scenario?
4).  What are the leading causes of death for older persons in the racial/ethnic group represented in this scenario?  What role does this person gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status play?
5).  What strengths does this person bring to their aging experience?
6).   What challenges does this person face when considering their aging experience?
7).  Develop three recommendations for improving this person’s aging experience.  Explain your rationale for selecting these recommendations.
8). Describe how following these recommendations will have a positive impact.
Double spaced pages, formatted APA style, title page, introductory paragraph with a succint thesis statement.  Address the topic of the paper with critical thoughts.  Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.  5 Scholarly resources, minimum of 2 from Ashford online Library.  Separate reference page.

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