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The _____ surrounding the term terrorism influences the manner in which it is defined.
A. Social context
B. Military construct
C. Social construct
D. Political context
2.Margaret Gonzalez-Perez found that the role of women in terrorist groups is more closely determined by the ____ orientation of an organization than its tactics.
A. Economic
B. Social
C. Political
D. Religious
3.Blank 1 Typologies are often based on behavior, activities, ideological orientation, or political and social classification.
4.According to Schmid, there is no true or correct definition because terrorism is a/an _____ concept with no real presence.
A. Abstract
B. Power
C. Concrete
D. Real
5.Modern terrorism originated from the _____.
A. French Revolution
B. World War II
C. American Revolution
D. Civil War
6.As are many nationalistic terrorist groups, the ETA was primarily a _____ movement.
A. Working-class
B. Lower-class
C. Ethnic
D. Political
1. According to John Horgan, _____ refers to the psychological and social factors that motivate people to join and remain in terrorist groups.
A. Structural factors
B. Social geometry
C. Routes to terrorism
D. Religious indoctrination
8.Only _____ has the power to declare war.
A. Congress
B. The Senate
C. The Judiciary
D. The President
9.Groups in _____ have made their presence felt in the ethnic struggle between the Russian Federation and the would-be breakaway state of Chechnya.
A. Asia
B. Japan
C. United States
D. Europe
10.According to the text, Middle Eastern terrorists engage in _____ and _____ to finance terrorist activities.
A. Drug production, public corruption
B. Fraud schemes and robberies
C. Drug distribution, document fraud
D. Smuggling, document fraud
11.Terrorists use ______ to increase their attacking power.
A. Tactics
B. Large memberships
C. Force multipliers
D. Secrecy
12. What biological agent infected citizens through the mail in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks? a. Anthraxb. Smallpoxc. Plagued. Botulism
A. Anthrax
B. Botulism
C. Plague
D. Smallpox
13.Blank 1 Shahidka are female Chechen suicide bombers who are known as Islamic martyrs in the Chechen language.
14.Which government agency has NOT defined the term terrorism?
D. DoD
15.Critics believe National Public Radio (NPR) _____.
A. Has a liberal bias
B. Fails to address terrorism
C. Has a conservative bias
D. Is objective in reporting terrorism
16.A system of exchanging money based on trust relationships between money dealers is called _____.
A. Money laundering
B. The hawala system
C. Expropriation
D. Charitable fronts
17.The _____ is a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization comprised of Turkish Kurds.
C. Shining Path
D. Lord’s Resistance Army
18.Law enforcement typologies tend to focus on either the classification of the Blank 1 or the Blank 2 of the terrorist incident.
19.Irish Republicans, primarily _____, controlled the South.
A. Jewish
B. Catholic
C. Protestant
D. Muslim
20.The anarchist organization, _____, was formed by Russian terrorists..
A. The Peoples’ Revolt
B. The Peoples’ Struggle
C. The Peoples’ Terror
D. The Peoples’ Will

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