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Manuel just started his new job as a Web developer at Fantazmo Web Designs. He was surprised to learn that the company required all of its developers to use a GUI editor application to create Web pages. Manuel had been writing HTML code since the mid-1990s, and he preferred to work in Notepad so he could control the code and omit the proprietary extension and extra tags. He asked his supervisor if an exception could be made to the rule.
The supervisor was reasonable and asked to see a sample Web page that Manuel had created. The page looked good when viewed in a browser, but when the supervisor examined the code, she discovered unclosed tags, unquoted attributes, random capitalization, deprecated elements, and various other examples of invalid code and poor coding practices. She explained to Manuel that although the page rendered adequately in a browser, these errors had the potential to cause problems in many cases.
Manuel did not give up. He pleaded, “Can I use Notepad if I promise to use XHTML syntax and double check my code?”
“No,” responded the supervisor. “No one can write perfect code 100 percent of the time. But a machine can, and that is why our developers use the GUI editor.”
discuss this scenario and answer the following questions:
Consider the conflict occurring between Web developers who prefer to work with code, and managers who need productivity and standards compliance. What are the possible solutions for this conflict? Is there a “best” solution?
In the past, GUI applications generated invalid and hard-to-read code, which caused most Web developers to hold a bias against them. Today, however, GUI tools are able to generate valid X/HTML code, and they allow most developers to be more productive than they would be writing code manually. With this in mind, how does an application such as Notepad ++, which speeds production yet offers code-only development, compete with GUI page-authoring tools? Is it a compromise that might have worked well in Manuel’s scenario? In what other situations might a tool such as HomeSite provide a feasible solution?

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