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There are certain universal principles of management that can be applied to any organization, public or private, profit or non-profit. These principles include determining and following the mission statement, and allocating organizational resources efficiently and effectively. There are profound differences, however, in managing organizations in the private sector and the public sector.
In a 1-3 page paper, examine and elaborate on the following:
โ€ข The differences between managing an organization in the private/non-government sector versus managing an organization in the public/government sector.
โ€ข Then, propose two skills a public sector manager should develop to be more effective in their position.
The following is an example of the type of information required to complete this assignment:
โ€ข One difference between a private sector organization and a public sector organization is that one is funded largely through profits (the private sector) while the other is funded through taxes (the public sector). This difference fundamentally alters the culture of the organization.
โ€ข One skill a public sector manager should develop is the ability to generate consensus among a wide array of stakeholders (elected officials, agency managers, the judicial system, customers, etc.).

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