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Locate and analyze a course, unit, or lesson found online. Be sure to include the Internet address of the selected content within your references for grading purposes.
Write a brief summary of the course, unit, or lesson, including the anticipated grade or content level.
Based on your own analysis of the content (do not duplicate something that may already be developed within the course/unit/lesson), you will develop 5 terminal course objectives (TCOs) for the lesson using the ABCD (audience, behavior, conditions, degree) method of writing objectives. Specifically, the 5 must consist of the following:
3 cognitive objectives, 1 affective objective, and 1 psychomotor objective.
Be sure to use Bloomโ€™s taxonomy measurable verbs to specify the level of the cognitive objectives, and label the level after each objective. Label the affective and psychomotor objectives as well.
Take 1 of your objectives, and write 2 enabling objectives to help the learner reach the terminal course objective.
These objectives must be original and new. Do not use objectives from any previous class or any other source.
Prepare a conclusion that summarizes your decision-making process for selecting the verb and Bloomโ€™s levels, your choice of objective to expand, and how enabling objectives support terminal course objectives.
paper will require an appropriate APA-formatted title page, abstract, running headings, and the use of body headings.

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