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Discussion 1- Lobbying
It is often said that lobbying is both an art and science. Imagine that because of your knowledge of the legislative process, you have decided to become more active in attempting to influence the legislative process. First, identify a current legislative issue being considered for policy adoption. Search for this information at The Library of Congress THOMAS. Then specify what your legislative goals are with respect to this proposed legislation.
a. Stop or kill it.
b. Change it.
Ensure its adoption as is.
What kind of strategies will you implement in order to achieve your goal?
250 words in length, scholarly reference, appropriate citations and full references at the conclusion of your post. APA format. This also applies to Discussion 2
Discussion 2-Health Care Reform explained.
Watch Health Reform Hits Main street: The you Toons Explain the New Health Law. review the information available at Illustrating Health Care Reform: How Health Insurance Coverage will work. Identify and discuss 3 different groups of people and how they will be impacted by the Patient Protection and affordable Care Act. Do you feel that more people will benefit or that more will suffer as a result of this policy. Defend your position using Critical thought.

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