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Let’s discuss women, the Labor Force, and Economic Growth.  In 1965 approximately 40% of women were in the workforce, but today it’s around 59%.  With more women than ever before in the workforce, they have increased their wages by earning higher degrees and being professionally trained, which has enhanced their productivity rates.  Women over the past 30 or so years, have gone from enrolling in College in larger numbers than men to receiving more Bachelor’s Degrees to receiving the majority of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees (“TimesFreePress.com”, n.d.); these efforts have significantly aided to the growth of the US. economy.  Therefore, women in general are having more success to include taking jobs in more previously male-dominated career fields.  I personally believe professional women tend to be more meticulous than men at closing the loop and crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s”.  So, why do women overall still receive less money for the same job?
I read an article earlier in the year regarding a benefit offered by Apple and Facebook to pay women for freezing their eggs so they may concentrate on work.  They pay up to $20,000 to freeze the eggs until the women decide they wish to have a family.  This allows the women to focus on being successful and provides them a better opportunity to have a healthy child in their late 30s or early 40s.  I never thought I would hear or read about a company offering this type of benefit.  So, I guess my question is, do you think this is savvy/smart business decision or an infringement on women’s rights?

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