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Legal Research Project Criteria
1.Research the Internet/Law Libraries for legal cases (lawsuits) involving health care (federal, state or local). Case(s) must not be older than 5 years.
2.Type a four (4) page summary of the legal case chosen. The summary must be typed in Microsoft Word, TimesRoman, 12pt, double spaced, 1 inch margins. Note: If you do not have Microsoft Word, save the summary in a Rich Text File (rtf).
3.The legal case summary (paraphrased) must be a minimum of four (4) typewritten pages. 1) Cover Page (not included in the count as part of the four (4) typewritten pages) includes the title of the legal case; name of student; course title and date.
4.Legal case summary must include the following: 1) Introduction to the case – give a detail description of the legal case (paraphrased); 2) Type of Court – District, Circuit, Supreme Court, etc. 3) Plaintiff(s) in the case; 4) Defendant(s) in the case; 5) Judge(s); 6) Case Number; 7) Details of the legal case (paraphrased); 8) Summary/Outcome of the lawsuit (paraphrased).
5.The summary and the legal case must be submitted together.
6.Do not use Wikipedia – this is not an acceptable academic website and do not use your textbook as a reference either.
7.Save the document as lastname_LAProject     e.g. McNair_LAProject

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