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Legal Case Projects: 06/24/2013 Ryan v. Schad
Project must be 4-6 pages of text, exclusive of sources. The thrust of this assignment is to briefly but thoroughly examine a recent Supreme Court Decision with direct legal impact and ramifications at either the federal or state levels. Please see the topics for this assignment below.
The Legal Case Project format is as follows:
1. Cover Page (separate page)
2. Introduction (separate page)
3. Research Paper must be 4-6 pages of text with the headings below:
• Title. Each case is given a title that signals the type of case about to be reviewed.
• Citation. A case citation describes the identity of the parties in the case, the text in which the case can be found, and the year in which the case was decided.
• Facts. A review of the facts in the case.
• Issue. The issues discussed in any given case are selected for review on the basis of medical and legal pertinence to the health care professional.
• Holding. The court’s ruling based on the facts, issues, and applicable laws pertaining to the case.
• Reason. The rationale behind how the court arrived at its decision based on the facts, issues, and relevant laws surrounding the case.
4. Legal Case Project is to be doubled spaced using APA style of writing; 1 inch margins; Times Roman 12pt. and must be typed using Microsoft Office Word.
6. Work Cited (Reference) Pages – List all references cited using the APA style of writing.
Instructions: The thrust of this assignment is to briefly but thoroughly examine a recent health care policy issue with direct legal impact and ramifications at either the federal or state levels which have relevance to health care administration and the objectives of this course. You MUST respond to two law cases. Please do not reply to more than 2 cases! Please prepare a well-reasoned, thoughtful and well-crafted response that does not to exceed approximately 4-6 pages per item. For best results, concentrate on key themes and major issues. If you highlight the case of your choice below you will see the web address for each case. You can also choose a case that not on the list but it must be a recent Supreme Court case not older than 3yrs old. Good luck!
Legal Case Projects: 06/24/2013 Ryan v. Schad
This is checklist of the items you must be include in your Research Paper.
Each category will be rated on a scale of excellent (10), very good (9), good (8), average (7), poor (6), and not included (0). Your total score will equal 100 points.
A thorough introduction with an overview of the research
Complete and thorough description of the events that led to the Supreme Court hearing this case
Thorough discussion of the constitutional issues, amendments, and principles involved in this case
A detailed description of both parties (ex. Roe v. Wade) positions
The Supreme Court’s decision including the vote count, which justices voted in the majority and minority, a summary of the majority and dissenting opinions, past cases used as precedents and your analysis of the Court’s decision
An examination of the impact and significance the case had on American society and/or government policy
A conclusion that summarizes the main issues and points made during the presentation
Information contain facts that are accurate w/correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc. (including pictures and/or illustrations that are relevant to the information being discussed)
Each student must shows knowledge of the case by submitting relevant elements with clear concise information based on the case
Properly labeled paper with clear headings that properly identify the content of all research materials.

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