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PowerPoint Presentation on Rugby!
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (4-5 slide minimum) about Rugby:
1. The content of your presentation should include: What your sport is, interesting rules, how it started, who plays, what sport levels can someone compete at in the sport, the sport association or governing body, what you learned about the sport, a short video on the sport (and an explanation of the connection to the video), a competitor in the sport (or pictures of competitors), at least three fun or interesting facts, etc.
2. This presentation is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather provide a highlight of the sport so that your classmates can learn a little about a sport that is not common knowledge.
3. Make sure to give photo credit and information credit to the appropriate author or website. You need two sources minimum.
4. Links to short videos are required in your slides, and they must be rated G, so be careful of profanities in the music.
5. End with a citation slide (this slide is not included in the 4-5 minimum length requirement).

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