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Book A brief Introduction Karl Rahner by Karen Kilby
Elizabeth Johnson – Quest For the Living God
1. In your own words, describe how Rahner’s theology blends his understanding of the human person, grace as God’s self-communication, Jesus Christ as the definitive moment in God’s movement to the world in self-communication, and the triune God the summary of this fundamental theology. (Book A brief Introduction Karl Rahner by Karen Kilby)
3. Every moment in the history of doctrine is a new moment in which Christian faith is correlated with each new historical context.  With a firm grasp of today’s world, explain why Rahner’s fundamental theology is so important for the twenty-first century?  How does Rahner “correct” the missteps in the tradition’s evolution?  How does he transcend theological defects as he draws from key moments in that tradition (Paul, Origen, the Greek theologies of Trinity and Christ, Augustine, Pelagius, the Franciscans,  Aquinas, Luther, Vatican II)?  YOU NEED NOT REFER TO EACH OF THESE–JUST CHOOSE WHICH ONES SEEM MOST IMPORTANT. (I’m open to what you may choose)
3. Write an essay that draws from the essays in Elizabeth Johnson’s book (The Quest for the Living God)about the relevance of Christian faith for today.  Why are the foci in Johnson’s book so universally important for theology and ministry in the twenty-first century?  With specific references to these essays, discuss how Christian faith connects theologically with today’s world.  No long quotes–just parenthetical references.
Pages – 4 If possible, would you title each question in bold? Thank you!
APA Style
4 References – You can use uploaded essays as references

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