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John Sanchez is a PA (Physician s Assistant) at Memorial Hospital. He is of Puerto Rican American descent and is 45 years old. He is paid a wage rate of $35 an hour. Julie Hill is also a PA. She is 36 years old and white. She is paid $30 an hour. Julie has been at Memorial for only two years now. But she is given a raise and a promotion in July. John is passed up for promotion, even though he has been at Memorial for 10 years. John is very upset about this. He has had a drug problem for quite a while. He takes some pills and alcohol before going to work. He forgets to put on a protective mask when observing a tuberculosis (TB) patient. He then makes remarks to Julie to the effect that she was promoted only because she was a female. The nurse supervisor hears of these events and terminates John without notice. After his termination, he develops TB. 1. Identify and list the various legal issues in the above scenario that are attributable to the healthcare organization described in the case. 2. For each legal issue identified, cite the law or laws that may apply. 3. Fully analyze and discuss the facts, which in your opinion make the particular law applicable. 4. Draw conclusions as to whether the identified law was violated.

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