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IT Strategies
Three strategies that organizations can deploy for enhancing the customer experience can
be as follows.
Customer Relationship Management Software
A customer relationship management software enables taking the interaction with a
customer, client or a potential sales prospect to another level by deft management. Technologies
are employed to make business processes more efficient, including automating them, organizing
them around goals and synchronizing them with other business functions. Marketing, technical
support and customer service are also often included in the mix. The ultimate aim always is to
take customer satisfaction to new levels, while acquiring new ones. All this is done more
efficiently via a focussed CRM software. The software allows for interaction to center around a
customer and all notes pertaining to a specific customer are easily accessible at the time of any
interaction with them in the future; this portrays a unified image of a company (Greenberg,
Cloud Integration
A variety of organizations can benefit out of a move toward cloud technology and
keeping an online backup of data. Of course, with the easy technological access of recent times,
the offline dump is more like the backup, and the cloud is actively engaged in updating and
working with data. Hospitals and care organizations can ensure that patient history is available
quickly where needed; that data is stored safely away from possible harm or safe from acts of
stealth and unauthorized usage, that encryption standards are professional and managed well.
Cloud services are provided with a host of renowned IT services providers such as Microsoft,
Amazon, Dropbox, Akamai etc.
Supply Chain Management Strategy
IT strategies are not standalone concepts and therefore, it is more the integration of
information technologies in more and more aspects of routine business that gives companies the
lead. An aspect more concerned with the backend, the management of supply chain can
introduce efficiency in the operations resulting in considerable cost savings. These costs can then
be passed onto to the customers and enable the company to compete better (Simchi-Levi &
Kaminsky, 2007).
SCM software can be used to manage all interconnected business processes, starting from
keeping an inventory and management of the supply chain, work-in-process inventory and even
tracking the completed product all the way to the end customer. Such processes also enable to
leverage worldwide logistics and measure performance. SCM software can become even more
important in specific businesses like manufacturing and retail, specially with multiple vendors
and customers.
Example of CRM Applied
Possibly nowhere is customer relationship management done better than at Amazon Inc.
It helps that the company operates exclusively in the online realm and information is also
digitized for it to use from then on. Amazon keeps a variety of information over each of its
customers, including what products they looked at, possibly for how long were they active,
where did they come from and where did they leave to. While with logged in customers it is
obvious, Amazon does so with alien visitors as well, by placing a cookie on their PC’s. Next time
a customer visits, they will get recommendations tailored specifically for themselves. Amazon
also keeps detailed notes on customer files of all the interaction that a customer has with the
company โ€“ saved and accessed for the next time it communicates.

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