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Issues with the Rorschach
Rorschach’s theoretical claims to the actual procedure and interpretation (Viglione, 1997, p.591).The chart below lists only a few examples of the issues from his list: Planning & Design: Procedural: Interpretive:-Lack of appropriate control groups -Fail to control variables -Overgeneralization of -Uses test to validate itself -Experimenter bias findings-Vague hypothesis -Fail to recognize skew -Implicit hypotheses-No discriminant validity & outliers not specified-Post hoc findings presented as a priori -Fail to consider statistical -Confusion of statistic assumptions significance.ย  His list points out some very reasonable arguments relating to the validity, reliability, hypothesis, testing methodology, and interpretation of responses. His study also determines solutions for the Rorschach issues such as knowing your data, having independent validity criteria, and ruling out other rival hypotheses would “solidify the empirical foundations of the test” (Viglione, 1997, p.598).
Class, what are some of your proposed solutions to the issues with the Rorschach?

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