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Introduction: Safety Management System: International Collaboration
The article delves into international collaboration over the Safety Management System.
SMS is pushed for international acceptance via the International Civil Aviation Organization.
The umbrella of management includes operations in air, the maintenance of aircraft, traffic
services and maintenance of aerodromes and hangars. Recently they have grown to include the
training of personnel maintaining and interacting with the aircraft as well as designing of the
craft by itself. ICAO is able to standardize safety by publishing safety requirements and creating
mandatory safety programs for states. This mandate also allows for collaboration as well as a
better communication protocol.
The international collaboration group comprised the European aviation safety agency,
EASA, The FAA, ICAO and the canadian agency, TCCA. These agencies collaborate in SMS
and SSP crafting the International Collaboration Group that would allow them to develop
products together. All participation was still kept as voluntary; there was no implied seniority.
The effort was to bring together all stakeholders in aviation safety, including members and
groups like the CAST, the ECAST and others that are soon to implement SSP and the SMS.
In order to accomplish this, interests have been divided into three workgroups, each with
a particular set of instructions and focus: measurements, documentation and standardization.
Such an initiative was very important because of the following factors. Measurements are
important for improving the common understanding of safety performance measurements as well
as for promoting a more standardized way of going about measurement across regional and
country lines. Stress on documentation is important so there are internationally shared and
mutually understood training and promotional materials. Also the focus on standardization will
ensure that there are familiar terms for issues and problems across political lines. Therefore a
common taxonomy would be helpfully developed. All these initiatives are aimed at blurring lines
along political divisions and improve communication and understanding which will help boost
aviation safety in the end. Therein lies the importance of this article (β€œSafety Management
System”, 2012).

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