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Select and interview a leader currently working in a health care institution or organization that interests you. The interview should be at least 30 minutes in length.
During the interview, focus on the leader’s academic and professional background, contributions to the community, application leadership styles and skills, problem-solving processes, mentoring activities, as well as any other topics that you feel are relevant to organizational behavior and culture.
Summarize your findings in a paper of 1,000-1,250 words. Be sure to address the following:
Identify the leadership style of the leader?  Transformational, transactional, visionary servant, etc.?
1.      Analyze the supportive evidence of the leadership style communicated by the leader?
2.      How did the leadership style fit the definitions of any particular or combination of leadership theories?
3.      What organizational behavior/culture issue did the leader address, and what was his/her role?
4.      What positive or negative outcomes occurred as a result of the leadership approach used, in terms of organizational behavior and culture?

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