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Internal Controls. Joy Becket is the director of Eyeglasses for the Poor (EP). EP receives donations of eyeglasses and recycles them for use by the nearsighted needy around the world. Sometimes the eyeglass frames are expensive designer frames that can be sold to raise operating funds for the organization. Joy is concerned that EPโ€™s resources are not adequately safeguarded. This problem is compounded by the fact that there are relatively few employees so separation of duties is difficult. She does know that if anything goes wrong (i.e. waste of resources, embezzlement), she will be held responsible. Therefore, she has called you in as an expert consultant in the area of accountability and control. She has asked you to recommend specific procedures and policies for enhancing the internal controls for the organization. Write a one-page memo identifying policies and procedures she should consider adopting. Use 1-2 References
This class requires you to mathematically solve several financial management problems using simple algebra. The book has step-by-step explanations and examples. Two comments about math:
1) Starting with Assignment 1 you are going to need to manipulate numbers and in many cases submit an MS Excel spreadsheet. In most cases you will also need to submit a short paper about some decision you are recommending. Treat your papers as if you are writing to a “math phobic” boss, e.g., explain what the math means when reaching you recommendation.

  • Starting with Week 2 the discussion questions have math problems embedded. I know it may be difficult to “discuss” arithmetic, but are a graduate student. So get creative and get some reasonable 200-word posts in the DQs.

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