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Increasing and Managing Diversity
After reading this chapter, you will recall that there were some valid points that were referenced regarding what Cascio mentioned were the five reasons why diversity has become a necessary activity in managing an organization’s human resources.  Additionally, some of the different factors that exist when referring to diversity include age, culture, gender,  national origin, race, religious beliefs, and sexual preference.
With this in mind, there are many examples that can be shared in reference to your own personal experiences from your working environment as well as the examples that were discussed from the assigned reading. There are certainly a number of examples that those in the workforce are familiar with as it relates to diversity in the workforce. However, even with the realization of the importance of diversity in the workforce, there continues to be some challenges that many continue to face as a result of diversity. There is also the perspective of  some organizations experiencing the feeling of being “burned out,” especially with some of the challenges experienced by some companies where managers are not fully committed.
That being said, based on your experiences, why do you think so many companies find increasing and managing diversity to be a difficult and sometimes challenging task?
Please share your thoughts.

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