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In your paper, respond to the following:

  1. In each of the following situations, distinguish which statistical analysis you would conduct and which appropriate test or test statistic should be used.
  • Consumer preferences for Camay bathing soap were obtained on an 11-point Likert scale. The same consumers were then shown a commercial about Camay. After the commercial, preferences for Camay were again measured. Has the commercial been successful in inducing a change in preferences?
  • Respondents in a survey of 1,000 households were classified as heavy, medium, light, or nonusers of ice cream. They were also classified as being in high, medium or low income categories. Is the consumption of ice cream related to income level?
  • In a survey using a representative sample of 2,000 households from the Market Facts consumer mail panel, the respondents were asked to rank 10 department stores, including Macy’s, in order of preference. The sample was divided into small and large households based on a median split of the household size. Does preference for shopping in Macy’s vary by household size?


  1. After receiving some complaints from the readers, a university newspaper decides to redesign its front page. Two new formats, B and C, were developed and tested against the current format, A. A total of 75 students were randomly selected and 25 students were randomly assigned to each of three format conditions. The students were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the format using an 11 point scale where 1 = poor and 11 = excellent.
  • Formulate the null hypothesis
  • Analyze which statistical test you should use.
  • Calculate the degrees of freedom associated with the test statistic
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