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In Units One through Four, you learned some facts about Joch and Ellie Ewing and their children. Assume that you are working as a paralegal for the Ewings’ attorney, Cliff Barnes. You and Cliff met with Mr. and Mrs. Ewing a few days ago to discuss their situation. Using the facts you have learned about the Ewings, choose two of the following assignments and prepare the appropriate letters or memos. You may want to print the fact sets from each of the units in which you learned something about the Ewings.
1. Joch and Ellie are very confused about how Medicare works and have never applied for benefits. Write a letter to the Ewings, explaining in simple terms how Medicare works.
2. Recall that the Ewings’ daughter, Emma, is disabled and living in a nursing home. Joch told Cliff that last week the administrator of the nursing home gave the Ewings a copy of a will in which Emma gives all of her property to the nursing home. Joch told Cliff that the purported will doesn’t even mention Emma’s husband or children. Cliff has never met Emma. Before Cliff meets with the Ewings to discuss this new situation, Cliff wants you to write a letter to the Ewings, explaining in simple terms the rules about wills.
. 3A few years ago, Ellie attended a “start your own home business” seminar, put on by ABC Home-based Business Solutions. After Ellie spent nearly $75,000 on “required training and equipment,” Joch discovered that ABC is a sham and stopped paying the monthly bills for training and equipment. ABC continues to send monthly statements. Emma is afraid that if ABC sues, the debt will wipe out her entire personal investment account. She wants to execute a trust to which she will transfer her personal investments, the provisions of which forbid the trustee from paying ABC. Cliff wants you to write a memo discussing whether such a trust would be valid.
Submit your TWO*** letters/memos to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 5.

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