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In reference to the assigned reading, “Indirect Compensation: Employee Benefits Plan,” it is easy to see the cost individuals are paying for benefits, while at the same time, it is a major challenge for businesses to shop for the best plan that will save the company and employees money. That being said, a company provides employees with their salary plus approximately an additional 38 percent in benefits, which falls into three categories: security and health, payment for time not worked, and employee services. With this in mind, there are both the financial and non financial forms of compensation which are included in the organizational reward systems that are offered to employees. However, as the economy continues to face numerous uncertainties, many organizations, including military and civilian, have been affected by these changes. Specifically, budget cuts and downsizing have made a tremendous impact on the ability for organizations to continue providing these bonuses and incentives. As a result of the changes in the economy, how has this affected your employer’s ability to continue offering theses various pay and incentive systems? Have you noticed a significant change or decrease in the number of bonuses that are given since the economic downturn?

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