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In reference to performance appraisals and performance management, I agree that it is necessary for comments referencing any negative feedback to be passed along in the performance appraisals and reviews. Additionally, this information must be relayed to the employee both effectively and in a timely manner! With this is mind, it has been said that feedback is a gift; however some continue to believe that no news is good news. Nevertheless, this certainly is not the case in regard to some of the performance appraisals and feedback review examples that many in the workforce have experienced!
Furthermore, a good point to remember when conducting and receiving the feedback from these types of appraisals is the importance of not taking the constructive criticism as a negative and instead looking at it as an opportunity to improve. Specifically, when one is given a baseline, it is much easier to be able to identify and recognize the specific areas that may or may not be in need of further review or improvement.
However, after taking into consideration all of the information that was mentioned, what advice would you give to a coworker who has made significant efforts to improve, but was advised that he or she continued to not meet the performance expectations, and then became defensive during the performance feedback review?

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