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lIn an internet retailer, you will find a wide range of job functions. Leaders frequently need to adjust their own expectations to meet the reality of the situation. There are times when you might want an outcome much sooner than those whose job it is to perform the work. Research motivational theories and picking two theories address the following:
lDescribe each theory and discuss the strengths and weakness of each theory.
lHow would you apply each theory to working with a highly creative and complex technology workforce such as those designing websites?
lWould you adjust your approach to motivation for those employees who are responsible for marketing the merchandise? If so, how and if not, why not?
lDiscuss a few motivational tools and techniques that would apply to all employees in any organization.
lDiscuss your personal experience with motivational tools – either as a supervisor or as an employee.
l5 – 7 slides with speaker notes of 200 – 250 words per slide (excluding Title and Reference slides)
lLimit the number of words on title slides – use
lbullet points only
lKeep the file size to 1Mb or less
lSlides are designed to supplement your
lpresentation—not to be your presentation
lAvoid paragraphs in the title slides (content should
lbe located in the speaker notes only)
lLimit each slide to 6 bullet points
lUse simple fonts
lChoose color combinations that make your
lpresentation easy to read – no dark backgrounds
lI would suggest a plain white background
lLimit graphics – Too many graphics can be
lGraphics, photos and clip art should support the
lBells and whistles tend to be distracting for the
lMake sure that special effects have a purpose.
lAt least 2 references
lDue Date is Saturday night before midnight CST.
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