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Health care in the 21st century is in a state of almost constant flux, with the ongoing changes in the field being driven by a broad spectrum of sociologic, financial, legislative, clinical, and technologic trends. At the same time, the field of health informatics- and the corresponding use of information technology within the health care setting- continues to grow and evolve at an exceptionally dynamic pace, in large part due to the influence of these diverse health care trends.
To prepare for this Discussion, research at least two health care trends that you believe will impact the future use of health information technology. In the context of your research, analyze and identify which of these two trends you believe will have the greatest impact on the application and use of information technology in health care within the next 10 years.
By Day 3, post a comprehensive response to the following:
โ€ข Describe the health care trends that you researched. For each trend, explain how you believe it will influence health information technology over the course of the next decade. Of the trends that you identified, which do you believe will have the greatest impact on the US healthcare delivery system?
Support your opinion with at least two resources from outside the required readings.

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