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Write a 2-3 page paper using APA format for references, addressing the following:
1. Imagine that you were thinking of starting the following three kinds of businesses: a pizza delivery business, a biotechnology firm that would eventually manufacture and sell drugs to cure cancer, and a web page design business.
a. What kinds of federal, state and local agencies are likely to regulate each of these businesses?
b. What kinds of laws would each business be subject to?
c. What should be the first legal steps that each business should take?
d. What kinds of legal liabilities might each business face?
Be sure to use the information from the text and any other reference material needed to support your position.
Please double space your paper. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation do count. Your work must be original material; properly cite all quoted and/or paraphrased material in APA format. Provide at least one scholarly reference.

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