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IFP0100 Academic Writing
Part 1: The Conflict in Dubai essay
Part 2: Over the course of Blocks 3 and 4 you have undertaken activities to develop your writing skills as well as exploring issues of conflict. At the end of Block 4 you wrote an argumentative essay based on a conflict in Dubai.
For Part 2 of your PDP you now need to reflect upon those activities and the process you went through in preparing for and writing your essay. Write a 500 word reflection exploring how the activities in Block 4 contributed to your understanding of the topic on Conflict. You should also reflect on the process you went through in writing your essay and how your essay writing skills have developed in IFP0100 so far. You may wish to write about how the writing process for this assignment (an argumentative essay) differed from the writing process for S2 which was a reflective essay.

Your reflection should be written in the first person but using academic and formal language.

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