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IFP 500 Integrated Subject Projects
Over the course of the academic year, you have been introduced to different undergraduate topics as part of the Integrated Subjects module. Some of the major themes of each subject were outlined in lectures and seminars.  On several occasions throughout the IFP year, you were asked to draw upon material covered in this module to complete tasks in another.  One aim of IFP is to aid you in using information and skills across modules.  This PDP activity asks you to consider how the information you have gained in IFP 500 might affect your choices in undergraduate study.
Write a 500-word reflection on how the IFP 500 lectures aided in your understanding of material in the different modules during your IFP year and on other benefits you have gained from these lectures.  Which of the topics covered do you feel relates best to your future academic career?  Why?  Did any of the lectures change (increase/decrease) your desire to study a certain subject after IFP?  Include examples of material that you found interesting/challenging/surprising in your reflection.

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