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If you were taking this course in a building, you might strike up a conversation with a fellow student in the hallway or on the way to the library. You might share experiences, concerns, or questions with that student or forge a supportive partnership. Consider this Discussion as the place to meet with your fellow students—it is open to any topic related to being ready for online learning that you may want to discuss.
Some ideas for conversation are:
Post your experience level with online learning as part of a personal introduction.
Find a partner for technical guidance throughout the term.
200–300 words describing one best experience and one worst experience where you chose to communicate in an electronic/computer communication channel rather than a physical presence or written/printed channel. Be sure to include answers to the following questions:
Why did you choose to communicate electronically rather than in person?
Why was the experience positive or negative?
How do the components and processes of communication apply to the electronic/computer channel?

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