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Final paper should include a problem statement or description of the social problem I have selected. A discussion of the scope and consequences of the problem, and an assessment of society’s responses to the problem(including public policies and other less formal responses)? Papers should also present a clearly reasoned alternative that is supported by scholarly research.1) Title, 2) describe social problem, 3) explain why this problem qualifies as a social problem,4) Indicate the sociological theory or the ones that may explain the social problems,5) Discuss the individual ad social implication of this problem. Should be supported by accurate research data.6) Summarize what social science experts have to say about this social problem. Are their conclusions methodologically sound?7)What we as a soicety have done for this problem? Considering public policies and other formal responses.8)Explain how well societal efforts to solve th social problem are working, 9)Describe an alternative,10)Why the alternative is or can be an effeing topictive response to the problem? Consider negative consequences of the alternative response,11)Conclude with reflections and thoughts about the chosen social problem, 12)References.
Must have 7 double spaced pages formatted in APA style.
Introductory paragraph, succinct thesis statement.
Critical thoughts addressing topic of paper.
End with clonclusion that reaffirm my thesis.
5 scholarly resources.
Separate reference page.

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