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The HITECH Act is one of the most influential pieces of legislation in the history of health information technology. In July of 2010, the final rule on the Act (as delineated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) was published in the Federal Register. Within the field of health informatics, there are differing perspectives- both positive and negative- on the key legislative mandates of the Act, which include meaningful use directives, financial incentives, clinical priorities, and administrative time lines for compliance that the Act dictates for health care providers and organizations.
To prepare for this Discussion, review the information presented in this week’s Learning Resource readings and the perspectives provided by the presenters in this week’s Course Media on the legislative, financial, clinical, and administrative considerations of the HITECH Act for health care providers and organizations. Then, using the Walden Library database as well as the Internet, conduct a literature review on the HITECH Act to broaden your understanding of this landmark legislation and its potential implications for health care providers and organizations.
By Day 4, post a comprehensive response to the following:
• Based on your research, describe the implications to date of the HITECH Act for:
o Healthcare providers
o Health information technology vendors
o Patients / consumers
• What do you believe have been the successes and challenges associated with the HITECH Act to date, especially “Meaningful Use?” Include specific examples in your discussion.

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