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You will be required to submit an 8-page essay in Week #7 that compares and contrasts two specific characteristics in two modern religious faiths. For example, one could compare/contrast (1) ideas of the afterlife and (2) the nature of morality in Judaism and Hinduism. This is not comparing the two religions in general. It is comparing and contrasting two specific characteristics of two different religions.
Examples of religious characteristics:
Rituals of atonement/purification
Nature of the Divine/Supreme Reality
Nature of the afterlife/transcendent reality
Beliefs in eschatology
Practice of prayer/spiritual meditation
Places of worship
Nature of morality/life goals
Moral instructions
Uses of scripture in worship
Dietary or fasting practices/rituals
Examples of Modern Religious Faiths:
Please note: this assignment is not intended as an exercise of a defense of oneโ€™s personal religious beliefs, nor should it primarily attempt to establish the superiority of one religion over another. This is a research project where you relate your knowledge of similarities and possible differences between two characteristics of two religions. As part of your essay you will need to include excerpts from two (2) personal interviews that you conducted with representatives from each of the religions you are researching. These interviews may be conducted personally, through Chat-Rooms, e-mails, or by contacting religious internet sites. APUS has many excellent online resources and tutorials for college research writing, proper citation, and general layout. This course uses MLA style for all written assignmentsNotes on Assignment Labeling, Formatting, and Submitting:a. APUS has a many student resources in our Online Library including databases, articles and Ebooks, as well as tutorials on how to get started on college research writing. Having a good working understanding of our online library is key factor in student success. b. Please submit your Research Paper in MS-Word format and label each file with your name and the assignment title. For example, โ€œBevSmithResearchPaper.docโ€. c. Format your Research Paper using MLA guidelines.d. There are no extra credit assignments in this course

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