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Go to a financial Web site, such as finance.yahoo.com, https://www.google.com/finance, or moneycentral.msn.com. Obtain information on the yields and maturity for:
1.         U.S. treasuries
2.         Municipal bonds
3.         Corporate bonds
Discuss what the pure expectations theory would imply about the yield curve.
1.         Compare and contrast the yields and maturities for each of the securities.
2.         Discuss which you would hold and why relative to interest rate risk.
3.         You must submit your backup in Excel or other supporting documentation showing how answers were reached.
4.         Successfully used the expectations theory to predict future interest rate changes
5.         Compared the relationship between maturities and yields between U.S. treasures, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds
6.         Presented a structured report that is free of spelling and grammatical errors and cited sources in APA format when necessary

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