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Marketing is a business practice that has been heavily influenced by both globalization
and localization. Globalization has opened the market to even more companies and products,
making the world of marketing more competitive (Onkvisit, and Shaw, 2009). Likewise,
globalization also enables companies to sell their products and services to a larger target market.
Meanwhile, localization can be pivotal when a company decides to market globally. Take
PepsiCo as an example. Pepsi products are sold throughout the world. However, generic
marketing efforts would not yield the same results in the various markets the product is sold.
This is due to differences in language and cultural connotations. Therefore, PepsiCo has utilized
localized marketing efforts in an attempt to better reach the local target market. This includes
using local sports stars and celebrities in their marketing efforts, as well as local sayings and
PepsiCo is a well-known brand throughout the world, both in global markets as well as
local markets. PepsiCo’s brand has played a major part in the company’s successful marketing
efforts. However, success could still be realized with a less visible brand, if they employed the
same marketing techniques as PepsiCo, focusing upon celebrity sponsorships. However, without
the same brand recognition that PepsiCo has, their success is unlikely to match that of PepsiCo.
In order for the same kind of success to be achieved, an unknown brand would need to
have a strategic marketing plan put in place to achieve brand awareness. This must include
localized marketing. Marketing efforts should be focused upon events, and issues important
within the local community. Likewise, the brand may want to look into conducting sponsorships
of local events, sampling in local stores, and branded point-of-purchase displays for local stores.
By focusing upon brand recognition, the unknown brand can gain awareness in the mind of
consumers and rive future sales of the product, contributing to the same kind of success as
PepsiCo has realized.

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