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You are acting in the role of a law enforcement official gathering evidence against a suspected online pedophile. The individual in question is suspected of enticing children through online chats, e-mail, and text messaging. Additionally, this individual is thought to be using information obtained through credit card fraud to pay for his online activity and camouflage his identity.
How woul you gather evidence on the suspected individual?
Use the concepts in your learning from the class to explain your course of investigation and methods of research, including (but not limited to):ย  Description of the use of computer operating system data you would use in investigating the case
Your specific investigation relative to how the individual obtained credit card data
Specifics in terms of use of identity theft and high-tech crime investigative protocols
Method(s) you would employ in e-mail tracking
Specifics in terms of chat investigation protocols you would employ
Specific techniques for online intelligence gathering you would employ
Method or methods you would employ for exceptions to the search warrant requirement to obtain information
Procedures you would follow for obtaining a search warrant if necessary
Methods you would use to extract, transport, and store digital evidence from the suspects PC
Methods you would use to research and recover computer files deleted by the suspect
Methods you would use to access data files encrypted by the suspect
As part of your research for this project, investigate prior real-life cases with fact patterns similar to this case study. Include in your paper commentary on how the real-life cases may have impacted the current methods for handling digital evidence.

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